On a busy street in Amsterdam an etching on a bakery window read, "Baker Bosch Bakt Better Brood." For three generations Bosch Baking has been baking better bread. Starting in the early twentieth century, Peter Bosch became an accomplished baker and passed on his trade to his son Frank. As in his own childhood, Frank and his family lived above the bakery, where his children were born and raised. In 1964, Frank's family moved to America, where they continued on as bakers. He raised his sons in the bakery, passing along two generations of baking expertise.

Today, Bosch Baking is owned and operated by Jos Bosch who has continued the family tradition of fine European baking. Ever seeking to expand his trade, Jos' participation as a Master Baker at the San Francisco Baking Institute has made it possible for a new artisan line to be available for their customers. Together with his wife Diane, Jos continues the family business, providing the South West with the baking traditions of the past and modern trends of the future.